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There is no where else like Turkey, with its long legacy of historical sights, beaches stretching for miles with golden sand to tempt you, and its biggest city straddling two continents. Turkey is modern, yet its history goes back to a time when myths were born. Turkey is urbanised yet it has some of the most rural parts you will find in Europe.

For decades Turkey has been a favourite holiday destination among Europeans and people from other parts of the world. Turkey offers more than your average beach holiday and this is the reason why visitors return again and again to Turkey.

Where to stay in Turkey?

For a glimpse of Asia from the safety of Europe, go to Turkey where you can enjoy the comforts of the West with the mysticism of the East. Only one other country, Russia, can boast of being in two continents. Just three percent of Turkey is in Europe, including Istanbul which, despite not being the capital, is still the centre for economy and culture.

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