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There is much more to Belgium than just divine chocolate, tasty beer and more-ish mussels, though of course all those things can add to your holiday in Belgium as you just have to try all three. Belgium is a country very much as ease with itself as the people of Belgium will prove.

The art history of Belgium alone is enough to tempt visitors time and time again as well as the 60 or so World Heritage sites, so give Belgium a go – you might just fall in love with it. Most of the tourists who have been to Belgium are eager to return, so be one of them and get a feel for the place.

Where to stay in Belgium?

If you have always longed to find out how to blow glass or make cheese then Belgium is the place for you. Not only is the country full of fascinating architecture, tempting mussels and fairytale castles, but it has the most fascinating museums that provide an insight into jobs and industrial processes.

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