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An Air Traveller's Guide to Switzerland


*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the £4.99 booking fee.

Flights to Switzerland

Enchanting, postcard-pretty, and a land of plenty is what you will find if you grab the opportunity to get some flights to Switzerland in the near future. A mere couple of hours away from the UK is a country that revels in delicious chocolate, delights in cows with bells, and specialises in extreme mountain sports, so do not waste any more time and buy cheap flights to Switzerland with BudgetAir.

About Switzerland

Switzerland has four national languages making it one of the most linguistically diverse nations in Europe and the division between mountain dwellers and those on the plateau can make it seem like two different countries. That said, the Swiss are united by their passions for music, good food and the great outdoors. The Swiss enjoy an exceptionally high standard of living and we’re sure you will too!
For a tiny, landlocked country, Switzerland is packed full of Alpine mountains, chic cities, and pine-covered forests just waiting to be climbed, wandered around, and explored. So get on some flights to Switzerland soon to discover the ‘top of Europe’ at Jungfraujoch, the efficiency of Zurich, and the wild beauty of Grindelwald at the base of the Eiger.

Must see spots in Switzerland

Right on the border with Italy is the might of the Matterhorn, the most famous peak in the Alps. In the surrounding area are the ten highest mountains in Switzerland, towering over a region of extraordinary natural beauty, both in winter and summer.

Bern is a capital quietly getting on with things and offering such wonders as the Einstein Museum and a medieval centre beset with modern trappings that would make a visit truly special. You should also fly to Switzerland for great nightlife in Zurich and a wide choice of cuisine in Geneva.

If cheese floats your boat, you will be in heaven in Gruyeres where the Maison de Gruyere reveals secrets about this staple that has been made there for centuries. Then you will just have to try a cheese fondue in one of the many restaurants that offer the gooey delight.

Switzerland has tonnes of gorgeous lakes but if you manage just two then it has to be the famous Lake Geneva and Lake Lucerne, both of which have elegant towns dotted on their shores and a host of water sports to enjoy on the lake; alternatively you can kick back and enjoy the view over dinner.

Climb onto the “roof of Europe” the resort of Engadin St. Moritz is situated on the southern side of the Swiss Alps, at 1,800 meters above sea level and offers stunning views, crisp, clean air and plenty to do for outdoor fanatics.

Ticino is in Switzerland but you could be forgiven for wondering as this appealing destination is more Italian than parts of Italy, with palm trees at clean beaches and lanes and alleyways leading to piazzas and churches.

Cheap flights to Switzerland with BudgetAir

There are two main international airports taking Switzerland flights throughout the year – Geneva and Zurich. An increasingly busy airport serving flights to Switzerland is EuroAirport in France which connects to Basel on the border. Getting cheap flights to Switzerland through BudgetAir is a doddle because there is so much choice and you know that BudgetAir will come up with the best deal time and time again.

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the £4.99 booking fee.

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