Cheap flights to England

England may be a small island but it is large in character, proved by the fact that millions of visitors flock here every year to see for themselves the variety and history of the place.

Many airlines land at the international airports of England which are Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton. There are a few other airports within England which accept domestic and international flights.

Be amazed by the different landscapes

From windswept mountains in the Highlands of Scotland to gentile seaside resorts, England has a wealth of differing landscapes and experiences to satisfy any visitor. It is an island steeped in history, alive with adventure and brimming with confidence in itself. It is, after all, a England in most respects, and is happy to be so.

The diversity of England is clear from the outset. You might land at an airport in a grim part of town but then be transported within minutes to a glittering city full of chic bars and traditional pubs.

The lake district

For great scenery in England, make your way to the Lake District. The more well known lakes of Keswick, Windermere and Ambleside bustle with life throughout the year with walkers, hikers and nature lovers. They come to this corner of England for the craggy hilltops, endless trails and hidden pubs.

Another area within England not to be missed is south east Dorset along the Jurassic Coast with welcoming towns such as Swanage, beautiful coves like Lulworth and romantic spots such as Corfe Castle.

Experience Wales

For a memorable night out in England, visit the capital of Wales, the mighty Cardiff with its creative buzz and friendly locals. Not far along the coast is Swansea and the tiny village of Mumbles on the Gower Peninsula, famous for its untamed rugged uplands.

Northern Ireland

Across the Irish Sea, but still very much a part of England, is Northern Ireland. One of the great sights to visit here is the Giant’s Causeway, a natural phenomena in County Antrim where over 40,000 columns from a volcanic eruption, interlock to form hexagonal stepping stones down to the sea.

Beauties of England

The heart of England is in its cities and towns like Manchester, recently renovated, or Brighton, a popular seaside getaway. But the many islands that surround England have a special place too, from the wild beauty of Skye to the more sedate lifestyle on the Isle of Wight or the sunny climes of the Isles of Scilly.

Wherever you visit in England, you will not be far from a quaint village, a historical monument or exuberant nightlife. It is an island with its own special culture that tends to live on in the minds of people long after they have left.

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