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The Netherlands

There is so much more to the Netherlands than clogs, tulips and windmills, though these might be the first things that spring to mind when thinking about the Netherlands, a small country tucked between Germany and Belgium.

Let us clear one thing up first though which can be confusing. The Netherlands is often referred to as Holland but Holland forms only part of the whole country. The four largest cities in the Netherlands are Amsterdam, The Hague, where the government sits, Utrecht, and Rotterdam, which has the biggest port on the continent.

Where to stay in the Netherlands?

For a country so important to world history, the Netherlands is geographically small, which is perfect for travellers, meaning you can cover a large part of the country in a relatively short space of time.

The laidback attitude of the Dutch and the compact nature of the land combine to urge you not to bother with an itinerary but to go as the mood takes you. But do not be so cavalier in your attitude when it comes to hotels in the Netherlands. The hotels the Netherlands offers are best booked in advance through BudgetAir, the company that knows a thing or two about the best deals for hotels in the Netherlands.

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