An Air Traveller's Guide to Sweden

Flights to Sweden

Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe but with a relatively small population which means there has never been a better time to grab some flights to Sweden with BudgetAir. The sweet-smelling pine forests, wandering reindeer, and some of the cleanest air you will ever breathe all await you if you catch cheap flights to Sweden because this is a holiday that can be done without the crowds.

About Sweden

A lot of the land area is covered with pristine lakes and forests, with the main cities in the southern part of Sweden. So it is likely that when catching flights to Sweden you will initially land in the south, the more cosmopolitan part. Swedish Lapland is very popular in winter with crisp white snow and a chance to see the Northern Lights.

Must see spots in Sweden

With such a variety of goodies on offer, you could get flights to Sweden, spend months here, and still not cover it all. The sunniest place in Sweden is the westerly Koster Islands where cars are banned and calmness reigns. Hire a bike and seek out nature in the raw. To see the roar of nature, head for the Orsa Gronklitt bear park where brown bears wander around at will and it is the humans who are confined to spotting them from viewing platforms.

The indigenous people of northern Scandinavia, the Sami, have preserved their culture in this ever-changing world, and Fatmomakke village is a place where you can learn more. You cannot leave however without crossing the Arctic Circle near Jokkmokk which also hosts a Great Winter Market including reindeer races and the chance to see traditional costumes.

Cheap flights to Sweden with BudgetAir

When the sun just dips below the horizon for a couple of hours then is up again during the summer, it is a fantastic time for cheap flights to Sweden through BudgetAir. It will certainly feel like you have made the most of your holiday if you are up half the night! So grab some Sweden flights in the summer months. Alternatively, opt for flights to Sweden in winter for great skiing and other snow sports.

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