Cheap flights to Tenerife

Flying to Tenerife

Even though Tenerife is Spanish, much of its geography and climate is connected to Africa – it is closer to the African continent than Spain and consequently the weather is similar with dry winds and almost constant sunshine all year round.

No wonder the flights Tenerife accommodates are so plentiful because visitors want to return again and again to this sunshine island. The flights Tenerife has land on the island which is 186 miles west of Morocco and nearly 700 miles south of Spain.

Popular airlines that fly to Tenerife

The types of flights Tenerife offers

For all-year round flights Tenerife is hard to beat because it has a steady stream of visitors every month so flights Tenerife are always landing. For international flights Tenerife has Reina Sofia Airport in the south while for mainly domestic flights Tenerife North Airport (Los Rodeos) is used, near Santa Cruz.

Cheap charter flights Tenerife bound are the main types of flights to land on the island full of holidaymakers after a good time. Once they have disembarked from their flights Tenerife is open for business. Playa de las Americas, the main resort, is about 20 minutes away by taxi though for many package holidays, the transfer to the hotel is included in the price.

What to take

Once you have landed from your flight Tenerife weather will embrace you with warm sunshine and blue skies for most of the year. This means you never really need to take heavy clothing, just a light jumper and waterproof jacket for evenings and trips to the mountains. For hiking purposes, walking boots are a good idea and sun cream and a hat is essential all year round.

The black volcanic sand retains the heat so can be extremely hot, therefore it is recommended to take sandals for the beaches. For the evenings, smart/casual wear is acceptable especially if you are visiting the more upmarket hotels or more expensive restaurants.

Santa Cruz

This city is the capital of Tenerife and it occupies an area of 58sqm in the north. Most visitors who come in on their flights Tenerife bound never even bother with Santa Cruz, preferring to stay in the south.

This is a pity as Santa Cruz is worthy of at least a day trip with its seafront promenade, great museums and leafy squares. The Museo de Bellas Artes focuses on paintings from the 19th century as well as battlefield scenes and local artists’ works. With no beach, residents head for Parque Maritimo where they can take a dip in one of the seawater pools or sunbathe at their leisure.

If you take any domestic flight Tenerife seems smaller as the distance between the towns are much quicker to cover. For easy flights Tenerife is accommodating all year round with the two airports either end of the island to choose from.

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