Cheap flights to Lanzarote

Flying to Lanzarote

If you want underground grottoes and secluded caves on your holiday, then Lanzarote is the place to go. The array of flights Lanzarote has make the planning and journey even easier. This is because the variety of flights Lanzarote has are so huge that you will be spoilt for choice.

Visitors have been flocking to Lanzarote for the last few decades, wanting a slice of action that includes lunar landscapes, warm sun all year round and quieter resorts than the other larger Canary Islands but with all the facilities. You will also find many facilities on the flights Lanzarote offers.

The types of flights Lanzarote has

The beauty of the flights Lanzarote has is that you can board them from Spain, the rest of Europe, Africa, and the other Canaries, so the choice is endless. These flights Lanzarote accommodates are in action all year round so you never have to wait too long for the next one.

For international flights Lanzarote has an airport just 15 minutes from Arrecife which is in the south. Only Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria accommodate international airlines though all the main Canary Islands have airports. Once you have disembarked from your flight Lanzarote the island is right there for you to enjoy at your leisure.

A potted history of Lanzarote

For a small island, it has seen some turbulence. Lanzarote was the first of the Canaries to fall to the Spanish in the 15th century and subsequently was used as the base from which to conquer the other islands. Many locals were sold into slavery or had to fend off pirates from North Africa.

Sir Walter Raleigh even joined in on the plundering act and by the mid-17th century, the population of Lanzarote was just 300. Then nature intervened when massive volcanic eruptions during the 1730s devastated the land. However the fertile lava proved perfect for farming and the island flourished. Now that same landscape attracts tourists to its shores.

Cesar Manrique

Wherever you go in Lanzarote, you will see the influence of Cesar Manrique, an artist and town planner, eager to enhance the best of the island. His giant sculptures can be seen on roundabouts but he was also instrumental in ensuring traditional architecture was preserved and the environment protected.

He is the reason why there are no high rises in Lanzarote and that development has not gone haywire to keep up with the ever-growing number of tourists. His work can be seen at Jameos del Aqua where he transformed natural caves into an auditorium with amazing acoustics. When you board your homeward flight Lanzarote, Cesar and its people will remain in your heart for a long time to come if you visit that.

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