Cheap flights to Las Palmas

Flying to Las Palmas

Gran Canaria is often called a mini continent because it encompasses so much landscape and diversity in one small island. How perfect then to grab one of the many flights Las Palmas offers to discover for yourself what this place is all about.

Gran Canaria is the second most visited Canary Island after Tenerife with more than 2.5 million visitors using their flights Las Palmas bound to have a great time and enjoy the almost constant sunshine all year round.

Information on the flights Las Palmas has

Many of the flights Las Palmas accommodates come from the other Canary Islands or from mainland Spain. However some of the flights Las Palmas receives are from mainland Europe. So for international flights Las Palmas has Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria situated between Las Palmas and Maspalomas.

Once you have disembarked from your flight Las Palmas town is about 25 minutes away by bus. Should you require a more private journey to your hotel after your flight Las Palmas taxi drivers will be on hand to assist you.

The great advantage of the flights Las Palmas accommodates is that they are scheduled all year round because the island enjoys a balmy climate whatever the time of year. It does mean there are many flights Las Palmas bound to choose from which has to be a good thing.

Shopping in Las Palmas

If you want to collect some souvenirs before heading off on your homeward flight Las Palmas can offer plenty of shops to fulfil your requirements. The main shopping street is Calle Mayor de Triana with stunning architecture as well as eclectic shops.

For more upmarket shops before you head back on your flight Las Palmas has the Avenida Mesa y Lopez area with a huge department store and many boutiques. If you want locally made handicrafts, head for the government-run Fedac stores where you can purchase items from hand-painted silk scarves to shawls and basket ware.

The main festival of Las Palmas

If you want to be involved in the main festival of the island before heading home on your flight Las Palmas invites you to join in the fun at the annual Carnaval which takes place in either February or March depending when Lent falls.

This is when the island, and especially the capital, experiences three weeks of partying, dressing up, frivolity, and general madness. The main action is centred around Parque de Santa Catalina where there is a huge outdoor stage.

Some of the events include the crowning of the Carnival Queen and the Burial of the Sardine where a massive sculpture of a sardine is paraded through the streets down to the beach and then buried. The finale is a giant fireworks display which lights up the sky in all sorts of amazing colours and shapes.

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