An Air Traveller's Guide to Gerona

Flights to Gerona

If you are desperate to explore the proud nation that is Catalonia in eastern Spain, get some flights to Gerona as a starting point and go from there. It is best to buy your cheap flights to Gerona through BudgetAir as the company has the know how and expertise to set you on the right track and discover the medieval town of Gerona in all of its glory.

About Gerona

You will not be far from the coast if you catch flights to Gerona as the town is only slightly inland, and there is also the banks of the River Onyar punctuated by elegant buildings painted in pastel colours. The old town is a busy place throughout the year, thronging with bright young Spaniards, businessmen, and families.

Must see spots in Gerona

A great way to get to know Gerona is by taking the Archaeological Walk which circumnavigates the city along the Roman ramparts which for the most part have remained intact. You start at the Church of St Peter of the Cock Crows and end at the Arab Baths, built in the 12th century.

The old town is a maze of passages, steps and history, including the Centre Bonastruc Ca Porta which details the history of local Jews who were kicked out in the 15th century. The many treasures in the cathedral are worth a look, from a marble throne to a statue of the Catalonian king and a 12th century tapestry.

Art enthusiasts should head for the Museu d’Art housed in a former palace and displaying such finery as carvings from the 10th century and a silver altar. Not far from Gerona is the town of Figueres, the birthplace of surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

Cheap flights to Gerona with BudgetAir

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