Cheap flights to Ibiza

Flying to Ibiza

Being one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits, not surprisingly the flights Ibiza has are plentiful throughout the summer season, from April to September. The whole island comes alive with music, dance and fun for holidaymakers and locals alike.

The tourists who use the flights Ibiza has are mainly from the UK and Germany, making up over 65% of the tourist influx. This is great news for British travellers as it means so many of the flights Ibiza accommodates originate from Britain.

Information on the flights Ibiza has

During the summer months, the flights Ibiza has are many, to accommodate all the tourists who flock to the island in search of sun, sand, sea and nightlife. For international flights Ibiza has Eivissa airport located at Sant Jordi, just four miles away.

Most of the package flights Ibiza accommodates land here or you might have to go via a city in mainland Spain, depending on the time of year. Whichever path you choose to take to get your flight Ibiza is ready and waiting for you.

Once you have landed at the airport after your flight Ibiza buses are there to whisk you into the city or to your resort. If you fancy a more private journey after your flight Ibiza taxi drivers are sure to oblige.

When to go

With roughly 300 days of sunshine a year, any time is a good time to catch one of the flights Ibiza bound. The busiest time is from June to September when everything is open, the beaches are crowded, and the nightclubs sweaty! If that is the sort of holiday you are after, then go for it.

In autumn, when the flights Ibiza bound are less plentiful, the island is almost unrecognisable with empty beaches and clear roads. This is the time to meet the islanders and get to know their way of life away from tourists. Winter is mild and sunny, and the sea is still warm enough to swim in during November.

Shopping in Ibiza

Traditional gifts to look out for are ceramics, leather goods, espadrilles, and embroidery sold all over the island. If you want clothing, the Ad Lib brand is popular, a mix of plain cloth with bright colours often worn in the style of flouncy tops, low slung leather belts and wooden sandals.

Other items that might take your fancy are art by local painters, antiques, the Ibizan liqueur called frigola, or how about getting a caricature done of yourself or as a present for someone? It might not be flattering but it is all done in good taste. Remember, many shops in Eivissa stay open until midnight, giving you the chance to browse in the cool of the evening.

If you want fuss-free flights Ibiza is the place to go. Major airlines have been using that route for decades so the journey of the flights Ibiza accommodates is well trodden and well known. If you want a fuss-free way of grabbing the cheapest flight Ibiza can offer you then check out BudgetAir for bargain deals all year round.

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