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An Air Traveller's Guide to Ethiopia

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the £4.99 booking fee.

Flights to Ethiopia

With over four million years of history, you cannot fail to find something fascinating about the African country of Ethiopia, so couple that with the chance of cheap flights to Ethiopia with BudgetAir and you are onto a winner of a holiday.

About Ethiopia

From the baboons of the Simien Mountains to one of the last great wildernesses of Africa in the Lower Ome Valley, there is going to be something to make you want to buy the next flights to Ethiopia with BudgetAir.

The best time to book flights Ethiopia bound is between October and March, during the dry season. However the country has a typically mild climate for visiting all year round, it is just the lowland areas of the west, east and south where temperatures can soar to uncomfortable levels.

Must see spots in Ethiopia

For history, beauty and a stunning lake, head for Bahir Dar, one of Ethiopia’s prettiest towns. Lake Tana holds the secrets of many monasteries on its islands while the Blue Nile river snakes its way out of the southern end and culminates in the Blue Nile Falls 20 miles away.

To justify those cheap flights to Ethiopia a visit to Aksum is a must. This is one of the most important ancient sites in this part of Africa, having been capital from 400 BC to the 7th century. Now you can visit tombs, ruined palaces, and obelisks, particularly at the Northern stelae field with more than 120 obelisks on show.

If you fancy seeing the tradition of men feeding hyenas, head for Harar in Eastern Ethiopia. This happens every night outside the city walls. Inside the walls are tiny alleyways, nearly 100 shrines and mosques, and bustling markets, while the aroma of rich coffee is there to tempt the senses.

Cheap flights to Ethiopia with BudgetAir

For cheap flights to Ethiopia through BudgetAir, look no further than the website for up to date information and a swift turnaround of searches. Here you can pinpoint the exact flights to Ethiopia that you want at the touch of a button, and the great thing is you know these flights Ethiopia bound are the cheapest around because of the brilliant service BudgetAir provides.

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the £4.99 booking fee.

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