An Air Traveller's Guide to Addis Ababa

Flights to Addis Ababa

A mixture of modern and ancient, tradition and consumerism, the capital of Ethiopia can mean different things to different people and if you hop on some flights to Addis Ababa booked cheaply through BudgetAir you can find out for yourself.

About Addis Ababa

The name Addis Ababa means New Flower in Amharic and there are plenty of new discoveries to make when you catch flights to Addis Ababa and linger a few days. The best way to tackle Africa’s fourth largest city is to break it down into its distinct districts, from the city centre with all the commercial buildings to the university area with its museums.

Must see spots in Addis Ababa

A former palace houses the Ethnological Museum, which gives a rich insight into Ethiopian culture, while collections at the National Museum rank as some of the most important in sub-Saharan Africa. This is particularly the case regarding the two casts of ‘Lucy’, the famous upright primate discovered in 1974 who is believed to be over three million years old.

Contrast that with the chic bar scene that is up and coming, and you can see why catching flights to Addis Ababa is such a pull. Other entertainment includes bars that host azmaris, wandering minstrels and their fiddles, a place to try traditional tej beat, honey wine, and a shopping experience you will not forget in a hurry at the souvenir stalls where haggling is a must.

But before leaving on your homeward flights Addis Ababa has one more surprise left in store – the Merkato. Chaotic, sprawling, lively, unmissable – whichever adjective you choose to describe possibly the largest market in Africa, there is one thing for sure, you will not want to bypass it.

Cheap flights to Addis Ababa with BudgetAir

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