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An Air Traveller's Guide to Venezuela

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the £4.99 booking fee.

Flights to Venezuela

With the longest Caribbean coastline of any country and boasting the highest waterfall, it is easy to see why so many people want flights to Venezuela all year round. The country is also home to the Andes mountain chain which runs the full length of South America. So start your journey of this great land by getting cheap flights to Venezuela through BudgetAir.

About Venezuela

With enticing names such as the Angel Falls and the Orinoco River coupled with the chance to stay on the cattle ranch of a genuine cowboy or spot an anteater in the wild, it is a no brainer as to whether you buy flights to Venezuela or not. The country has so much to offer with 43 national parks and part of the Amazon at your disposal that flights to Venezuela are the only option.

Must see spots in Venezuela

Merida is the main area for treks into the Andes. It has the highest cable car in the world and a shop that has the biggest number of ice cream flavours for sale in the world, so catch some flights to Venezuela to sample two or three...or ten.

The Angel Falls are best reached by plane from Canaima or a boat trip upriver which can take a few days, though the journey there is half the fun. The might of the waterfall at 979m, with the longest single drop at a staggering 807m, is overwhelming so be prepared.

The Henri Pittier National Park, containing nearly half of all of the country’s species, has cloud forests and nearly 600 different types of birds to recommend it. Then there is the Caribbean coast filled with sandy white beaches, palm trees, and a chance to relax.

Cheap flights to Venezuela with BudgetAir

You can fly to Venezuela at any time of the year and still find a high season somewhere, it depends what type of holiday you are after. For example October to May is great for trekking in the Andes, and the llanos, the plains, are teaming with life just after the rains in October and November. Whatever you decide, make sure you book your cheap flights to Venezuela through BudgetAir for a great bargain.

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the £4.99 booking fee.

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