A weekend getaway in Venice

Your weekend in Venice starts here

Romantic bridges, cobbled streets, colourful masks and water everywhere. That's Venice! This city is unique because of its many bridges and streets of water that you won't find anywhere else in the world in this form. Venice is also very touristy, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a super-fun weekend. We'll help you to find the spots Venetians love. Go to Venice for a weekend and see for yourself.

Where should you start? In 48 hours, we'll take you to the different hotspots and hidden gems in the city. You'll be well prepared to kick off your weekend in Venice. It's so handy!

Day 1 - During the day
Breakfast in Venice usually consists of sweets. And as a tourist, you have enough reason to do that too, right? Go to the pleasant pasticceria, a cake bakery where you can sit and eat. Start the day with a nice cup of coffee or tea, a strudel or a piece of cake. Pasticceria Tonolo* is highly recommended.

Day 1 - Night
Care for a special and typical Venetian dinner? Then go to Hosteria Al Vecio Bragosso and order Risotto al nero di seppia. This pitch-black dish consists of risotto rice, squid, onion and tomato. It may look daunting due to its very dark colour, but it's really delicious. Moreover, this is a typical Venetian dish that many tourists don't even know about.

The next day...

Time for your second day in this bustling city! Start the day with a delicious sweet breakfast at Dal Nono Colussi. You can also choose from a number of savoury dishes for breakfast. Then it's time to head back to the city, in search of culture, music, art and fun.

Day 2 - During the day
Countless movies have been filmed in Venice. To name but a few: Othello, Casanova, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Tourist and Casino Royale. You can look up the places where these feats were filmed and make a route of them. Why not past Café Florian (The Talented Mr. Ripley), the Rialto and Accademia bridges (Casino Royale) and the San Barnaba Church (Indiana Jones)?

Day 2 - Night
Afterwards, it's time for a delicious meal. Return to cosy St. Mark's Square and enjoy and wonderful meal at Caffe Lavena. Have a delicious Italian ice cream for desert, from the nearby Gelato Fantasy. After your meal, take a gondola ride through the canals. It may be quite pricey, but is an iconic activity in the city.

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