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Are you up for some adventure during your vacation? Book your next holiday and visit adventurous places! Go visit the Machu Pichu in Peru, the deserts of Dubai or the natural surroundings of Auckland...

**The world is waiting for you to discover!** Go on a safari near Johannesburg, South Africa, and spot the big five. Be surprised of the beautiful views in Iceland or inspire yourself in the temples in Kathmandu. But there are also many places where you can go hiking, snorkling, fishing, climbing, walking and cycling. You can also visit a city and explore the surrounding areas for some beautiful nature, that can be adventurous as well!

You wanna be adventurous and have some time for relaxation as well? Make sure you book a nice destination where there's a possibility to relax on the beach. A great combination of adventure and beach is to go island hopping in Thailand or Malaysia. One day you discover the rainforest and feed monkeys, the next day all you see is sand, sea and sun. Perfect!

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