A weekend getaway to Malaga

Your weekend in Malaga starts here

Malaga is the city of sun, beach and culture! You can enjoy the wonderful Costa del Sol and the beautiful Andalusia. The food is delicious and the people of Malaga are particularly friendly. Go for a weekend and see for yourself.

Where should you start? In 48 hours, we'll take you to the different hotspots and hidden gems in the city. You'll be well prepared to kick off your weekend in Malaga. It's so handy!

Day 1 - During the day
In Malaga, it's customary to start your day with a pitufo. That's a special kind of bread topped with a variety of fillings. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with your pitufo. Café Central is a good place to order this breakfast. If you take breakfast in this café, you're already in the heart of the city, which is an excellent start for a city tour.

Day 1 - Night
When in Malaga, you shouldn't miss a delicious paella. There are many different types of paella in Spain, but seafood paella is very popular in Malaga. That's because the city is so close to the water. The most delicious paella in the city can be found in the restaurant La Plaza, where you can also dine outside, enjoying the evening sun.

The next day...

Time for your second day in this warm, lively city! And what better way to start than with a typical breakfast in Malaga, different to the one you had yesterday, namely churros? Many locals love churros for breakfast, and why not? Churros are delicious! Casa Aranda is a popular place for such a breakfast. Therefore, it's often busy, but the wait is well worth it.

Day 2 - During the day
After a well-earned breakfast, it's really time to go to the Costa del Sol and enjoy. So take the bus or your own two feet to visit one of the beautiful beaches on the outskirts of the city. Our top tips are Playa del Campo de Golf, Misericordia and Playa de la Caleta.

Day 2 - Night
For dinner, there's no need to leave the beach. That's nice because you can then watch the sun sett on the beach while enjoying a meal! You can also opt for a short walk into town. You'll find many restaurants there. El Cabra and El Tintero II are wonderful places to try.

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