A weekend getaway in Milan

Your weekend in Milan starts here

Milan is chic, Milan is cultural, Milan is beautiful! The greatness of the city charms millions of visitors each year. Milan is the city of fashion and enjoyment of the finer things in life. Go for a weekend and see for yourself.

Where should you start? In 48 hours, we'll take you to the different hotspots and hidden gems in the city. You'll be well prepared to kick off your weekend in Milan. It's so handy!

Day 1 - During the day
What better way to start your day than in a friendly little café where you can meet new people? Go to Pavè Milano for delicious croissants and the chance to meet new people. The restaurant has a large table where you can sit next to other guests, with the aim of getting to know each other. You may even meet a new companion for the rest of the day. Cosy, right?

Day 1 - Night
Care for a special dinner? Then eat on the tram. Not your packed lunch box, but a luxurious menu with wine. It's possible at ATMosfera. The restaurant consists of two trams that have been completely refurbished. The city tour lasts 2 hours while you enjoy a delicious dinner. Now that's an experience!

The next day...

Time for your second day in this bustling city! Even in the hustle and bustle of the city, Italians always make time for breakfast. Begin your day in a nice and sweet way at Pasticceria Castelnuovo. You'll find more than 40 different kinds of pastries and croissants here. You can also eat as much as you want, for great prices. What better way to start the day?

Day 2 - During the day
After a sweet breakfast, it's time to explore the shopping mecca of Madrid. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is not only full of luxury brands, but also very beautiful to see. Other big shopping streets include Via Manzoni with an Armani store, Via Montenapoleone with Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Rossi and Via della Spiga with Prada, Armani and Roberto Cavalli, among others.

Day 2 - Night
After a long day walking around shops, it's time for a delicious meal. Northern Italy is famous for its delicious risotto. You can taste it at Risotteria Pandemonio. Here, you can enjoy more than 30 different risotti. So choose what you like or ask the waiter for his suggestion and be surprised!

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