A weekend getaway in Paris

Your weekend in Paris starts here

The smell of baguettes, round cobblestones on the streets, green parks and extraordinary buildings. That's Paris! The great metropolis charms millions of visitors every year. Paris is the city of love, lights and art. Go for a weekend and see for yourself.

Where should you start? In 48 hours, we'll take you to the different hotspots and hidden gems in the city. You'll be well prepared to kick off your weekend in Paris. It's so handy!

Day 1 - During the day
What better way to start the day than with bacon? Go to the popular takeaway restaurant Frenchie To Go for a tasty sandwich with bacon and egg. A mix of English and French, it's guaranteed to be delicious! This makes this restaurant very popular with tourists and locals alike. You have to try it!

Day 1 - Night
Care for a special dinner? Take the metro to Pierre Sang. In this French-Korean restaurant, you can choose between two, three, four or six courses. But you won't know what you get on your plate, until you've eaten it! This is so you'll try to taste the dishes even more carefully. Ultimately, everyone walks out the door happy.

The next day...

Time for your second day in this bustling city! Sleep in and start the day with brunch. This is a popular custom in Paris. You can have brunch in every price range, like in the restaurant Le Cosy. After your meal, you can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee, and then you'll be ready for your second day in Paris!

Day 2 - During the day
After a well-earned brunch, take the metro to the Louvre. This is the one museum that can't be missed when you're in Paris. It's always very busy, but get there in the afternoon and most of the queues have usually already gone. Tip: Choose the corridors and rooms you want to see the most, because it's difficult to see all the rooms in one afternoon.

Day 2 - Night
After a busy day, it's always nice to relax with a good meal. Visit the luxurious restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse close to the park. In this two Michelin-starred restaurant, you can taste delicious traditional French cuisine, all prepared to perfection. For a cheaper option, visit the restaurant L'Ardois.

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