An Air Traveller's Guide to Jordan

Flights to Jordan

If you are looking for a holiday that combines archaeological wonders with thrill-seeking adventures and world-class coral reefs, then booking flights to Jordan in the Middle East is the way forward. Even better news is the fact that cheap flights to Jordan are readily available with the help of BudgetAir and its services.

About Jordan

Wedged between Israel and Saudi Arabia, the country has been welcoming flights to Jordan for decades. Visitors before that travelled by camel and left behind fascinating monuments for holidaymakers of today to enjoy and wonder at. Minimal planning is required when catching flights Jordan bound and a trip will not break the bank. Just remember to book ahead in April as this is the peak season.

Must see spots in Jordan

The ancient city of Petra is worth flights to Jordan alone. This incredible area combines long forgotten tombs and magnificent buildings with a mile long canyon as the entrance to the place. At Wadi Rum you can experience a slice of Bedouin life, a life that attracted Lawrence of Arabia to this part of the world.

The coastline of Jordan at Aqaba on the Red Sea may be short but it is worth a visit for the colourful marine life and amazing shipwrecks that can be explored, as well as the coral reefs. For more natural habitat, head for Mujib Biosphere Reserve with its rare orchids, striped hyenas, and Syrian wolves.

Other delights of Jordan include the plentiful array of crusader castles such as Karak Castle and the 12th century Shobak Castle. Mt Nebo is supposedly where Moses climbed to see the Promised Land. He then died and was buried somewhere nearby, the exact spot of which is always under conjecture. There is the Moses Memorial Church to visit and sweeping vistas of ancient lands to enjoy.

Cheap flights to Jordan with BudgetAir

Securing cheap flights to Jordan through BudgetAir is a great way to experience the Middle East in all its glory from desert landscapes to bustling markets and rural towns that hold onto their own traditions. Make it your own tradition to use BudgetAir for all your travel needs, including flights to Jordan for a competitive service and quick turnaround.

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