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Few places have experienced a history as varied and dynamic as the one experienced by the city of Berlin. From the rise of the Nazi party to the ultimate fall of the Reich at the hands of the Allied forces, through to the Soviet and American occupation of the city culminating in the euphoric global moment that was the fall of the Berlin wall, the city has played host to its fair share of global events.

Now a city on the rise, Berlin has seen a revival in both commerce, tourism and the arts that has made it one of the go-to destinations in Europe right now. After the fall of the wall, the city's art scene began to take shape amongst the ruins and abandoned buildings that were left in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. This gave birth to a bohemian movement whose influences are still being felt today.

Things to do in Berlin

The shopping scene in Berlin is certainly eclectic. For those looking for mainstream stores in an iconic location, a trip to Alexanderplatz is no doubt in order. While there you can take a trip to the top of the famous T.V tower and get the best views in the city, and afterwards you can shop in the many high-street brand stores situated around the platz. A short train ride away is famed Check-point Charlie, which is a great place to take some memorable photos.

It would be hard to take in everything this city has to offer in just one visit. From bizarre and unique sights such as the abandoned theme park known as Spreepark and the ghostly American-made spy tower called Teufelsberg, to the more traditional and yet no less imposing architectural stylings of the Bundestag and Brandenburg Gate, there is little in Berlin's sight-seeing landscape that will fail to impress.

While here, there are many things to do, see and experience, regardless of when you choose to visit or what exactly you come for. For clubbers, a trip to the famous Berghain is a must, with its multi-level, round-the-clock nightclubbing. A trip the Olympia Stadium, where the 1936 Olympics were held, and now home to local soccer team Herta, will satisfy both history and sports fans alike.
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Events in Berlin

  • May Day
    The first of May is quite a sight in the capital and attracts many tourists and locals alike. "Tanz in den Mai", dancing into May, means the streets around Kreuzberg and other districts near it are more or less closed to traffic and people take to the street in droves to dance to the loud music that issues from bands and DJs. The party starts early and goes until late.

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Practical info

  • Temperature: The average temperature is 19˚C during the summer months and -3˚C during the winter months.
  • Time difference: Berlin is 1 hour ahead of London.
  • Currency: The Euro (EUR).

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Flights to Berlin

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