A weekend getaway to the The Big Apple

Your weekend in New York City starts here

Something big and appley... Yes, the BIG APPLE will be your next destination! Enormous skyscrapers, endless blocks and more than enough art and culture for a whole month. So where should you start when you only have 48 hours in this city? We'll take you to the different hotspots and hidden gems in the city. You'll be well prepared to kick off your weekend in New York City. It's so handy!

Day 1 - During the day
Immerse yourself in New York's existence. On other words, almost no time is spent on your breakfast and it's done mainly on the go. Have a large Starbucks coffee with your breakfast, like all New Yorkers do! A big pretzel will more than fill you breakfast needs. Those salty rascals fill you up pretty well!

Day 1 - Night
Want to try the real soul food of America? Then visit Houseman in SoHo. Surprising dishes are served in a relaxed atmosphere. They serve both lunch and supper, and it's very affordable! Where to begin with all the bars and clubs? That's why we'll stick to the district you're already in.

The next day...

Time for your second day in this bustling city! And to kick it off, enjoy a lovely breakfast at City Bakery, 3 West 18th Street. Early out of bed because of jet lag? You can sit down to breakfast from 7:30 in the morning. They also sell various sweets. Tip: take something extra as a snack for later.

Day 2 - During the day
On to Brooklyn! This forgotten child is making a true comeback. And rightfully so! Fun restaurants, hotels and bars shoot out of the ground like mushrooms. It's best to take the subway to Brooklyn, as the distances are too great to cover on foot.

Day 2 - Night
It's time for your last dinner. At least, your last dinner in New York. While in New York, you must have dinner at a rooftop restaurant. Our tip: Gallow Green. The atmosphere here is fantastic.

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