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Countries around the world are cautiously trying to find the best approach in reopening their borders and lifting travel restrictions. Some are also in discussion in establishing ‘Travel Corridors’. For many of us, we are itching to travel and have already started planning a post-lockdown getaway!

However, if there’s anything that we’ve seen these past few months, the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic is nothing if not unpredictable. As such, BudgetAir.co.uk has highlighted the flexible option that some airlines offer in the search result page that you might want to consider when booking your future travel so you can book with a peace of mind!

What is a flexible option flight ticket?
How to find flexible option flights with BudgetAir.co.uk?
Which airlines are offering flexible option flight tickets?
Where can I travel right now?

What is a flexible option flight ticket?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines have changed their flight schedules. As a result, a new option has been created for flexible travel. With our flexible option feature, you have the option to book with confidence if you need to change and re-book travel dates without any change fee from the airline. This way you will be able to reschedule your holiday at any time if you decide to change your mind or not be able to commit.

How to find flexible option flights with BudgetAir.co.uk?

The flexible options are available when the icon shown in the image below is displayed. Whether the flexible ticket options are available also depends on the airline. We strongly urge travellers to check the conditions of the airlines that you would like to fly with before you book your tickets.

Where can I travel right now?

Please note we are in uncertain times and travel has been heavily influenced by COVID-19. Please check our travel-advice page and the local regulations of your travel destination before any planning.

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