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Ryanair Verification Guide

Have you been asked by Ryanair to verify your booking and you find yourself unsure of the steps to take? No need to fret! Here at BudgetAir.co.uk, we're dedicated to ensuring you're always prepared for your upcoming trip. Read on for more information on how to complete your ID verification smoothly and avoid any unexpected expenses or hassle at the airport.

Key takeaways

  1. Verifying your Ryanair booking is an easy process.
  2. You have 2 options to verify your booking: Standard and Express verification.
  3. Standard verification is free but may take up to 7 days.
  4. Express verification takes up to 24 hours but costs £0.59 per booking.
  5. Not verifying your booking ahead of time will cost you extra time & charges at the airport.

What is the purpose of the verification?

Prior to completing the check-in process, Ryanair now requires passengers to verify their identity for bookings made through third-party sites. This measure ensures that customers adhere to the essential safety and security regulations, as well as maintaining up-to-date contact details.

How does it work?

To go through the verification process, you’ll need your Ryanair airline reference (found in your booking confirmation), a form of identification with a photo and signature (passport or National ID card), and a device (phone, tablet, laptop) with a camera function, which you will use to capture and upload a selfie/portrait onto their platform.

## Two options for Ryanair Online Verification:
  1. Express Verification: Verify your identity with facial recognition technology (GetID).
    Duration: Approximately 2 min
    Fee: £0.59 per booking

  2. Standard Verification: Submit a picture of your completed and signed Customer Verification Form along with a picture of your passport or National ID card. Priority is based on bookings with the earliest departure date.
    Duration: Up to 7 days
    Fee: Free of charge

What if I don’t verify my Ryanair booking online prior to departure?

If you opt not to complete the verification process in advance, you will need to finalise it in person at the airport with one of the Ryanair agents at least 1 hour before your scheduled departure time. Additionally, forgoing the pre-verification process means you won't be able to check in online, requiring you to check in at the airport, incurring an additional fee of £55.

Does Ryanair store my information safely?

Ryanair states that they are fully compliant with GDPR and stores the information or documents used for your verification process for a temporary period of time.

How long do they store my information?

  • Express Verification: 24 hours
  • Standard Verification: Up to 7 days
## I need further support with the Ryanair verification process. Whom should I contact?

We recommend that you reach out to the Ryanair customer service directly on their website. They are best equipped to provide you with comprehensive information and assistance regarding the verification process.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the £4.99 booking fee.

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