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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the £4.99 booking fee.

China Southern Airlines: An Impressive History

Founded 29 years ago on July 1988, China Southern Airlines has grown vastly since it became independent from the Chinese airline authority Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) in 1991. As part of this new independence, in 1995 the airline made an important agreement with the US government (that still stands today) which allowed the airline to fly freely into America. 12 years later, China Southern Airlines became an official member of the major airline alliance group SkyTeam. This alliance consists of various airlines across the world that cooperate to bring passengers the highest standard of travel via air that's possible. With headquarters located in the Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, and the main hub in Beijing, it is one of three major airline companies within China. With its recognisable bright-blue tail and red Kapok flower at the centre, it has a fleet of over 700 aircraft, a staff of around 100,000 and can offer over 2,000 flights across the world to more than 200 destinations to its travellers.

What to Expect from the Flight Services

China Southern Airlines flies both domestic and international flights on a daily basis. To provide customers with a choice of affordability, the airline offers four different types of services.

  • With First Class, you will board the Boeing 787/788, Airbus A330s or the Boeing 777-300ERs and it is on these International flights in which customers can experience the luxury and comfort of 'Intelligent Seating' with seats that transform into flat beds but also allow for privacy with adjustable personal space screens. Large wide-screen personal televisions measuring 15" are included as are all the amenities needed for a smooth flight such as USB ports, reading lights and power outlets.
  • Business Class will give customers just as much comfort as first-class with flat beds, privacy divider and more space.
  • Premium Economy has larger seats, more space and each passenger is given an amenity kit to keep themselves refreshed throughout their flight.
  • Economy Class, which is the standard service all airlines provide, offers comfortable slimline seating and a Video on Demand system for each person.

Families can opt for the 'family couch' that features a specially designed leg rest which lifts up to create a flatbed, so the whole family can relax and sleep together in comfort. Toys, Pillows and blankets are provided for in-flight. For frequent flyers, there is the Sky Pearl Club which allows customers to collect mileage, not just for Southern China Airlines but for all companies that are members of the SkyTeam. There are three levels of membership; Gold, Silver and Base, with Gold offering great privileges such as VIP lounges, priority check-in and seat preferences.

Baggage and Check In

Baggage allowance on China Southern Airlines is a maximum of 50 kg per person on domestic flights and 45 kg on international/regional flights. First Class passengers are permitted two items of carry-on baggage of 5 kg each and Economy passengers one 5 kg bag. The airline provides up-to-date online check-in, SMS check-in and desk check-in options. Note: if passengers prefer to use the desk check-in at the airport, the cut-off point for this is 30 minutes before the stated flight departure time.

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the £4.99 booking fee.

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