Will I be able to travel soon?

Which countries in the world are opening up?

We have gathered a list of countries that have announced opening their borders for tourists.

Important Travel Tip: As borders are gradually opening up and airlines are preparing to add more flights to destinations around the world, travel rules and regulations are also constantly being updated. It is strongly advised for each traveller to check the current travel restictions required both for their entry to their destination, as well as, the necesary requirements needed for their return trip.

*Last updated on: 10 Jun 2021


Borders open? CLOSED

Travel Advisory: Until further notice, only Canadian residents and certain travellers are allowed to enter. Negative Covid test results, a mandatory PCR test upon arrival, and a 14-day quarantine is required (3 days spent at a government designated hotel facility).

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Borders open? OPEN

Travel Advisory: If coming from any of the EU / EEA member states AND are on the green list (of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control), travellers are allowed to enter Croatia under the same conditions prior to the COVID-19 pandemic provided they do not have the disease or have been in close contact with someone who had it. Those who are not on the green list must provided one of the supporting documents mentioned on the site, which maybe 1. a negative PCR test or rapid antigen test - RAT on SARS-CoV-2, 2. full-vaccination certificate (more than 14 days prior), 3. medical certificate showing recovery from COVID-19 and at least one dose of vaccination, or perform PCR testing immediately after arrival with iself-solation expenses (10 days) at the passengers own expensive.

Third-country travellers for travel purposes and have proof of accommodations (paid in advance and in full prior to their arrival) are allowed to enter Croatia similar if they can provide one of the following documentations: Proof of full vaccination OR a negative PCR test result 14 days prior to their arrival OR proof of recovery from Covid-19 with at least 1 dose of the vaccine.

Find further information on current entry requirements for visitor to Croatias.

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Borders open? OPEN

Travel Advisory: (Entry into Croatia by air) Travellers are allowed to enter Georgia if they can provide documentation of full vaccination (2 doses of any Covid-19 vaccination or 1 dose of the Johnson&Johnson vaccine). Any visitor coming from India (or has been in the India within the past 14 days) must provide a negative Covid test within the past 72 hours and a mandatory 14-days quarantine. Find further information on entry requirements for non-vaccinated visitors.

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Borders open? OPEN

Travel Advisory: As of 14 May, Greece opened their borders to travellers from a selected group of countries are allowed to enter Greece without further quarantine if they can either: 1. Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (at least 14 days since the last vaccination), 2. Negative 72-hours PCR test prior to arrival in Greece, or 3. Certificate of recovery performed at least 2 months before arrival and no later than 9 months before arrival. All travellers must also complete the electronic PLF document at least 24 before travelling. Visitors may be subjected to random testing upon arrival.

Find further information about entry regulations and pre-registration for visiting Greece.

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Borders open? OPEN

Travel Advisory: Entry to Iceland has been allowed since 6 April 2021. Visitors (regardless of origin) who have been fully vaccinated through one of the vaccines which fulfills the Chief Epidemiologist's instructions or who present the International Certificate of Vaccination for COVID-19 according to the International Health Regulation are exempted from providing a negative PCR test. They will still need one screening test for COVID-19, but will be exempted from quarantine if the test is negative. Find further information about entry regulations and pre-registration to visit Iceland.

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Borders open? CLOSED - 1 July 2021: proposed opening date to welcome individual travellers

Travel Advisory: Tourism Ministry of Israel announced that they have plans to allow individual travellers as of 1 July. Proof of recognised vaccination (excluding Russia's Sputnik) must be provided. A PCR test will also be required for entry. A proof of recovery from having Covid in the past is not acceptable and at this moment anyone under 16 years are not allowed into the country. Find further information about entry regulations and pre-registration to visit Israel.

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Borders open? OPEN -Entry restrictions for selected countries

Travel Advisory: Spain is allowing worldwide travellers back to the country as of 7 June with some exceptions. Non-essential travel and visitors from Brazil, India, and South Africa are still not allowed due to the high infection rate in those countries. All travellers must complete a FCS Health Control Form and must present the QR code upon entry to Spain. Find further information about entry regulations and information about the FCS Health Control Form.

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Borders open? OPEN

Travel Advisory: Turkey has opened its borders to international travel, with different restrictions depending on the departure country. In most cases it is still necessary to provide a negative PCR test, and some passengers might have to undergo quarantine upon arrival. As of the 1st of June, the country has a curfew during the week days, and even a fll lockdown on Sundays. Those new measures do not apply to tourists however.
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United States

Borders open? OPEN -Only for selected countries

Travel Advisory: The US is open for tourism for most countries, but not including visitors who were present in any of the following countries within 14 days prior to entry: China, Iran, the UK, Ireland, Brazil, South Africa, India, and the European Schengen area. Travellers who are allowed to visit the US must present a negative PCR test or proof of receovery and clearance to travel by a healthcare provider. Further information about entry requirements can be found directly on the CDC website.

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Important note:

  • Information about travel restrictions and regulations are constantly being updated. Therefore, always check the current travel advice from the government before planning your trips. Read more on the UK government's Travel Advice page for the latest updates.

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